With business leaders expected to respond to the effects of disruption, many resort to defensive short-termism to demonstrate short-term performance and recovery. But when long-term firms exhibit better fundamentals and performance, leaders need to shift their focus to a new set of questions about the opportunities disruption presents.

Rob Llewellyn







Transformation Course and Certification

5-Day Digital Business Transformation Training [London]

Accompanied by some of the brightest minds in digital business - from the CEO of the world's first fintech bank to leading Professors - I will shortly announce the following training and certification to take place in London, UK in September 2017.

Module 1: Digital Trends and Technologies
Module 2: Digital Business Models and Digital Strategies
Module 3: Digital Marketing and Communication
Module 4: Digital Capabilities and Roadmaps
Module 5: Cybercrime Protection and Detection
Module 6: Chief Information Officer Versus Chief Digital Officer
Module 7: Robotics
Module 8: Bi-Modal Digital Enterprise Transformation
Certification: Digital Business Transformation Master

An information and application pack will be available soon.

Rob Llewellyn

Independent Professionals